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Our Call on Saturday was all about the "secret sauce" that allows you to build an internet dynasty.

It isn't about spending huge sums on marketing.  It isn't about "tricking" the search engines. It isn't about SEO.  It is about passion.  It is about focus.  It is about branding.  Most importantly it is about the relationships and connections you make with people who need what you have.

There are tons of social networks out there.  They serve a purpose, but probably not the purpose you think.  Within the Cookie Cutter Group, Bonnie (The Web Woman) and those on the call this Saturday made a pact:

1.  Finish a brand foundation form for our business or project

2.  Create a list of 25 keywords

3.  Create a list of 25 blog article titles derived from the brand foundation and keyword lists

4.  Write a 2-3 paragraph blog article every day using the list of titles

5.  Search using the keywords included in the article and find blogs that have articles out there on those keywords.  Then go in and make intelligent comments on those blogs with a url that points back to the article we just did on that same topic.

This process should take from a half hour to an hour a day, 5 days a week.

So this is my first article in the series.  Anyone else in the group want to post a link to theirs?  How about sharing your keywords or title lists?

Yak long and prosper,

Bonnie Dillabough

The Web Woman

Chief Imagineer,



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