How Do I Make Money on the Internet?

Posted by Bonnie / on 11/21/2008 / 0 Comments

That is the big question, isn't it?

It really boils down to, how do I make the connections and relationships necessary to serve as many people as I can with what I am really good at?

We all have skills.  Interestingly enough, most of us have enough skills to be better at someting than someone else is.

I heard of a woman once whose husband died, leaving her with a couple of kids and no insurance and very little in savings.  The only asset she had was an old, but servicable piano.  She didn't really know how to play it, and was about to sell it when she had an idea.

She bartered some house work for piano lessons.  Once she had a month's worth of lessons under her belt, she put an ad in the paper to teach beginning piano students.  She charged a nominal fee and began to get students.  She stayed a month ahead of her students, always just a step ahead, but she knew enough more than her students to be a good teacher for them.

Over the years she taught hundreds of students, eventually becoming a talented performer as well.  She enriched and enhanced her community and was able to make a good living.

So what does that have to do with making money on the internet.  Some of you have already guessed. 

  • Find a mentor, someone who can help you always stay ahead of your game.  Stars and celebrities, regardless of their domain all have coaches, vocal coaches, swing coaches, base coaches, acting coaches, etc.  People at the top of their game stay that way because they are passionate about what they do and are willing to do their due diligence and accept the help of someone who can help them stay ahead of the curve.
  • Be a leader.  Lead a group of people who need you.  Stay a step ahead of your group and give them something of value TO THEM. 
  • Be passionate about what you do. 
  • Stay focused.
  • Find the people who need what you have and hang out to develop valuable relationships. 
  • Make yourself useful.  Draw people of like-mind to you.

You might want to take a look at a great article by my mentor, Seth Godin, entitled, interestingly enough: How to make money using the Internet

Success leaves clues.  Making money on the internet is actually simple, but not necessarily easy.  If it was easy everyone would be doing it.  If everyone was doing it, it wouldn't be worth so much.  Making money on the internet is doable, but like everything else worth having requires knowledge, effort, skill and a certain amount of risk-taking.  Beyond that it requires persistence and patience.

Yak long and prosper,

Bonnie Dillabough

The Web Woman

Chief Imagineer,



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