Day One: 3 hours in. Warm Fuzzy Brigade Case Study

Posted by Bonnie / on 02/16/2009 / 0 Comments

Woke up at 3 am with an idea that wouldn't leave me alone.

The foundations of the idea were: 

  1. In uncertain times we can either sit and watch things go down the tube or we can do something...anything within our power to do in order to make things better.
  2. I have been wanting to graphicly demonstrate the power of internet marketing in a web 2.0 environment.  I want my students to see internet marketing done right in the pure light of day, nothing held back, no dark little secrets, no ingredients left out of the recipe.
  3. This case study will be the thesis for the book I am writing: Instant Pudding - Lighting a fire under your internet marketing.

I have already sent an email blast to the group telling them about the project.  This article was also posted in the "Announcements" section of this group.

I will be journaling every step of the process right here in the Cookie Cutter Group Blog.

Today my first steps were:

  1. Started my brand platform formula to start the project out with a clear focus. (I will post the finished form as a blog before the day is out.)
  2. Created a new collectivex community for the project.
  3. Created a squidoo lens for the project:
  4. Tweeted the project.
  5. Sent a few emails out to a small group of friends, including my Cookie Cutter buddies.

This was accomplished over a 3 hour period.

I will keep you posted as I set the foundations today.  This will be my only day off this week as we have a new client who will be in a very intensive setup process.  This project should be even more applicable to many of my students as I will have a limited amount of time to devote to this project.  I guestimate about 4-6 hours a week, usually during my lunchbreaks and on the weekends.

BTW, I will also be revealing my budget for this project as I go along.  So far: $0.00.

Yak long and prosper,  Bonnie Dillabough

The Web Woman, Chief Imagineer -


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