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Hi All,

Thank you for your input today. I don't think I am on the same page as you all.

I appreciate all your help today.

I am an affiliate marketer. I work a full time job that I have had for 35 years and do not plan to leave.

My intent on what I am doing is to be a mentor to new mom's. I know that there is a ton of information on the internet for them to get if they have the time and endurance to deal with an overload of advertising on the baby sites and wading through the bits of articles that take you down a rabbit hole.

Just in talking with my friends and my sister in-law who have baby's age 0 - 4 years, I have been appalled at all the strange information or lack of, about  their kids. And these girls are college educated and have access to a computer.

Plus the fact that they are all minorities coming from countries like Pakistan, Cambodia, India, Korea and Vietnam. Who knows what strange information they have received from their mom's?

I do have a "most burning question about your baby" script on my free blog and Squidoo lens and get the most ridiculous questions ever. Some are medical related where I simply refer them to the baby's doctor.

Many of the people on my list which I think of as a tribe in which case I still don't think I understand what the definition is, are from other countries.

I belong to Seth Godin's tribe and their seems to be some confusion as to what this is suppose to be about. I think Diane is part of the tribe also.

Any how, I thought I would be a den mother.. Isn't a den mother someone older than the den members and one with knowledge to lead and teach?

I do have much to think about.

Thanks again.











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Cecilia, thanks for taking the time to clarify for us what you're up to. Thanks so much for stepping up and fulfilling the role of mentor as you are.

I would like to know more about joining Seth's tribe. If either you or Diane could share that, I'd appreciate it.


Hi Bonnie,

The web address is it is closed to new members right now.

In reviewing his book Tribes, I see the definition is a group of people who are connected to one another, a leader and an idea. The idea part is a leg that is missing for me.

I joined a tribe and will remain a sheepwalker for now.

Bonnie go visit Seth's squidoo site at

I think you will enjoy it.


Thanks Cecilia. I'm reading the book right now and loving it. I also get Seth's blog via email every day. I wish I had time to do a blog post based on what I think about after reading his. He is a master at using few words to get the wheels turning.


When you say the idea leg is missing for you, what exactly do you mean? Can you say more? Are you calling your tribe together to talk about specific topics or replying as things come into view? Lo of questions.

In fact, what you're facing is what we all face - what do we have to offer? Who will benefit from what I'm offering? How, specifically? What results will they get and what are the benefits of those results? How does working with you change their lives for the better?

Can you answer those questions? Maybe as you explore and write about your answers you'll get clearer.

Your thoughts? 

Hi Bonnie,

Sorry about the delay in getting back to you.

The group only wants information concerning the care and development of their child.  There is nothing to discuss. Most of the members are from third world countries.

Many have medical questions which I simply tell them to contact the baby's doctor.

l am a Global (English only) Infopreneur and affiliate markerter. I like being a "sheep walker"

I used to be in management many years ago and learned that being a leader was not something I care to be.

Talk to you later.






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