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I just sent this blast:

Patricia Weber has posted a collaboraton request at:

The Collaboration Request topic is there for anyone who wants help promoting their projects.  Just tell us what you want us to tweet, facebook, digg or blog about.

This is available to all Cookie Cutters.  Please feel free to make your request so we can help you also.

Yak long and prosper,  Bonnie Dillabough

The Web Woman – Chief Imagineer –

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Bonnie, this is such a great idea. I, like Pat, like having concrete actions to take. I hope others do both activities - asking for help and offering it. Let's demonstrate that our community can ban together and help each other succeed.

Let's rock!

Yup; I'm here to help to although - few are asking!



Pat, I, too, find it fascinating that even though people have the opportunity to work together to everyone's benefit, they don't.

We've been talking about that, you and I... Jim and Russell, too.

I'm thinking those of us who are ready, willing and able to pre-pave the way for others. At this point, the new technology and software platforms and process are ahead of what people are doing with them.

I've coined the phrase "The Consciousness of Collaboration." We knew how to collaborate when we lived in villages. Barn raising, bucket brigades, and wagon trains are a few examples.

Now that we're connecting with people who live across the country or across the globe, we need more than new tools and skills ~ we need to show up, step up and step out in new ways.

I know you're ready. So are a few others we know. I think the key is for us to 'just do it.'

We'll be pre-paving the way for others to follow.

I know you're tired of waiting. So am I. I encourage others to join us.

Yes, that means US! Join us. Ask for help. Help others.

Together we CAN make beautiful music together. Let's ROCK!

The Energizer Bonnie

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